I was a fairly uninvolved taxpayer until the poorly thought out proposed Cabinet Budget Reductions in January 2017. In researching those reductions I realized that the issues were much more serious than a set of $20M reductions that included successful programs.

I’m no longer uninvolved.

As a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, 4 years on the teaching faculty at West Point, a Wharton MBA, management consulting experience with PriceWaterhouse in NYC, 12+ years as the CTO for both for- and non-profit K-12 organizations, 2 kids who have traversed the elementary, middle and high schools in Jefferson County and a not so good school district budget experience in upstate New York, I have a background that allows me to not only look at the district from leadership, business and consulting perspectives, but also as a parent, teacher and K-12 vendor/OER provider.

I’m obviously not happy with everything I see.

These are some of my thoughts, usually fact based, on the current state of Jeffco schools, the District Staff and Board of Education.