Thu, May 16, 9:46 AM

to me

Dear Mr. Greenawalt,

Members of the Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education received your April 10 email correspondence regarding the charter schools share of 5B funding. Thank you for your interest in our schools and students.

One of the main goals in the distribution of bond funds has been to keep the shares to our charter schools understandable to the public and easy for schools to locate the amounts being used. This year did have averaging involved due to the loss of students, which is not always the case every year.

The calculation that has been used has been consistent in allocation of bond funds and other per student costs as in previous years and is consistent with the resolution on this matter passed by the Board in October 2018 at the request of charter school representatives.

 On behalf of the Board, thank you again for writing to us with your concern.


Amanda Stevens

Secretary, Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education