Official Jeffco Social Media Accounts should stick to Education related topics-Response

Jeffco Schools Board of Education <>

Fri, Jan 11, 11:10 AM


Members of the Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education received your December 22 email correspondence regarding your concern about “likes” you recently noted on the Gifted and Talented Twitter account used by Jeffco Schools.

Checking into your concern, investigators have determined that an employee inadvertently used this account to “like” certain comments when they believed they were using their personal account. Upon realizing this, within 24 hours, those items were “un-liked” and they are no longer visible on the Jeffco Gifted and Talented Twitter account.

The district believes this was an unintentional occurrence, it was corrected immediately upon being discovered, and the employee no longer has access to the account.

Thank you for reaching out to the Board of Education.


Amanda Stevens

Secretary, Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education