Sustainable funding for the HS GT Program – Feb 14, 2017

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 8:13 AM

   At last Thursday’s Board meeting, we heard the Board and Kevin Carroll state that the HS GT program should continue and that funding should be sustainable, but without a specific plan beyond 2017-2018.
   Therefore, I’d like to recommend that you form a committee to discuss and develop a sustainable funding proposal now. I recommend that you consider a committee that, as a minimum, consists of the following individuals/representatives:
  • Kathleen Askelson, Finance, Chair
  • Kevin Carroll, oversees District GT programs
  • Griff Wirth, Wheat Ridge HS Principal
  • One of the District’s HS GT Teachers (Elliott Holm or Lisa Lee)
  • One member of the Wheat Ridge HS School Accountability Committee
  • One HS GT parent representative
   Thanks in advance for your consideration of this recommendation. I don’t think we want to go through next year what we just went through with respect to the HS GT Program.
Bob Greenawalt